About Wholesale Investor

Wholesale Investor is Australasia’s leading investment platform that connects innovative, emerging companies that are looking to raise capital with our active, engaged and growing ecosystem of over 29,300 high-net-worth investors, fund managers, family offices, PE and VC firms, government bodies and industry participants.

Through the Wholesale Investor online platform, live worldwide company showcase events and conferences, our world-leading partners and our active newsroom and blog, we provide greater visibility for game-changing companies, empowering them to discover their full potential through collaborating with individuals and groups that are capable of making an impact on the business’ future.

Our simple and effective platform allows investors convenient access to the hottest investment opportunities from sectors including agriculture, consumer goods, energy and renewables, financial services, healthcare and biotechnology, manufacturing and engineering, property, technology (including AI, robotics, big data, IoT, fintech, blockchain, digital assets, SaaS, marketplaces and more), telecommunications and transportation.

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Companies seeking to raise capital

Wholesale Investor provides companies with a valuable investment offering direct exposure to active and engaged investors and deal makers across Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United States, Malaysia, China and South Korea.

Joining the Wholesale Investor community will offer you access to our 29,300+ network, exclusive invitations to showcase at global investor events, regular company announcements published on the platform, private introductions and access to our world-leading shareholders, sponsors and partners.

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Wholesale Investor Clients Share Their Experience 

Wholesale Investor Founder Steve Torso on Current Growth in Innovation and Investment

A Word From Wholesale Investor’s Founder: Starting and Building Wholesale Investor – 10 Years On

“I founded Wholesale Investor (WI) in October 2008 to provide a way for high-net-worth investors to get access to early-stage companies. It is a week I will never forget because as we were launching the Dow Jones was dropping 20%. At that time, it was obvious that the market was quite fragmented with no central place for investors to discover deals and news related to those companies. Since our launch, WI has built a large following in Australasia amongst HNW and sophisticated investors with over 29,300 subscribers in Australia and Asia…” READ MORE.