Our Testimonials

The best compliments a company can receive is the feedback from its clients. Wholesale Investor has received many of them over the years. At Wholesale Investor, we are proud of what we have delivered to our clients and some of their comments and testimonials are shown below.

Newground Capital Partners

“We have secured over $3m in commitments both directly and indirectly from Wholesale Investor introductions”

We have been working with Wholesale Investor since 2010 to complement our capital raising activities. We have participated in many of their events across Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong. In that time we have secured over $3m in commitments both directly and indirectly from Wholesale Investor introductions. Capital raising is always challenging, and some activities were more effective than others. We have always found the WI team to be hard working, responsive and willing to go above and beyond to assist us.

Daniel Erez
Managing Director


“We have found the platform valuable and highly regard the work they do”

Over the last 18 months, we have worked with Wholesale Investor for different stages of our growth and capital raise. As a Queensland company looking to gain national and international interest, we have found the platform valuable and highly regard the work they do. We have participated in activities across Australia and Singapore. We look forward to collaborating more as our business expands.

Jake Robinson
Co-Founder and CEO

Surf Lakes

“Raise awareness and connect with investors in Australia, London and New York”

Since August 2016, Surf Lakes has been raising funds to bring our unique concentric wave pool technology to life. We have now raised over $10m and have used Wholesale Investor to raise awareness and connect with investors in Australia, London and New York. Having worked in corporate finance for the last decade, and raised over $100m, I highly recommend using Wholesale Investor as part of your capital raising campaign.

Reuben Buchanan

QBiotics Limited

“$10 million raising was a success and closed fully subscribed”

QBiotics utilised the Wholesale Investor platform to create awareness and attract investors for our $10m capital raising in June 2010. This was done through features on the Wholesale Investor website, emails, presenting at Investor Events as well as CEO interviews and distribution through their media contacts. QBiotics also generated further media attention through Wholesale Investor via a regular feature in the BRW “Life Cycle” Section which went for 12 months.

The $10m raising was a success and closed fully subscribed in July 2010. It gives us sufficient capital for the next 3 years so we can further develop our anticancer drug EBC-46.
As a method for connecting with investors, media and raising awareness for a capital raising, I would highly recommend using the services of Wholesale Investor.

Colmax Glass

“Received investment from a corporate investor and family office”

Our management team has experience in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance, so when we went to raise capital for Colmax Glass we were only seeking access to investors, without being locked into a Corporate Advisor. Through using Wholesale Investor we have received interest from both private investors, corporate investors and a Family Office. We have been able to complete our capital raising and gained a new Board member.

Benlee Company Pty Ltd

“High-quality enquiries”

Over the last 3 years, we have been successful in raising $50million for our 5 Commercial Property trusts. I had been a subscriber of WI for years as an investor and thought it would be interesting to see the level of interest in our type of offer. To date, we have had over 20 contacts and several of which are of a very high quality.

HR Hoops

“3 investors within 1 week”

HR Hoops was set up on the Wholesale Investor platform only 2 weeks ago (1 September 2017), and last weekend we had our first feature in the newsletter. By Monday, we had 3 investors contacting us and one of whom we met last night (10 September 2017). He was our ideal investor and they are now in discussions about taking a closer look at our business…

Matt Weston

Diamond Energy

“Successfully completed capital raising”

Our vision has always been for the generation to market, and that means we are able to incorporate development, generation and retailing within our model. With the help of Wholesale Investor, Diamond Energy successfully completed a capital raising in 2011, and those funds are being used to continue to grow the company.

Phylogica Limited (ASX: PYC)

Access to new prospective investors

Wholesale Investor has provided Phylogica with access to new prospective investors. The platform has enabled the company to target a specific audience of potential investors, particularly those interested in the biotech sector.

Vocus Communications Limited (ASX: VOC)

“Enabled the company to further heighten profile”

Vocus’ use of the Wholesale Investor platform has enabled the company to further heighten their profile in the market and has allowed the business to grow and expand further in the Australian market. The Company’s share price has increased significantly in 2010 and 2011, largely due to the Company’s success and also the attention they have received from media such as Wholesale Investor. The capital raised by Vocus in 2010 and 2012 has enabled the business to become the fastest growing technology company in Australia.

MyGuestlist Pty Ltd

“Raised over $250,000 in capital”

In 2010 the company used the Wholesale Investor platform to attract potential investors, the most significant of these being leading internet investment group Future Capital Development Fund. The platform has also enabled MyGuestlist to generate widespread interest in the business by promoting the company’s vision and profile. In 2010 MyGuestlist raised over $250,000 in capital. This capital has enabled the business to focus on building their human resources team and their sales teams working interstate. The MyGuestlist team has since expanded to 12 employees worldwide. The revenue of the company has increased 10 fold following the investment.