Baxta, Australia’s #1 social networking pet app opens up a pet-friendly world of opportunities

Baxta, Australia’s #1 social networking pet app, announces that it has over 25,000 users and has created more than 14,000 forms of user-generated content.

The pet industry in Australia is worth $13 billion. Baxta powered by its newly revamped ‘Discover’ feature connects and supports today’s fast-growing generation of pets, pet owners, and pet-friendly businesses. Along with a vibrant social media function, Baxta simplifies the world of pet content, expert pet advice and resources by putting them all at our users’ fingertips.

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The fact is, prioritising business discovery always helps interested customers uncover and interact with a business, cultivate relationships, and grow sales and foot traffic. With pet spending rising, Baxta’s Discover feature enables businesses to connect with a growing pet community by combining MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks integrated with Apple Maps for easy viewing. The result is a rich, vibrant directory of pet-friendly destinations, businesses, and services with helpful captions and images. Geolocation features are also implemented to showcase pet-friendly venues around the user’s area so that pet parents can sort venues from the closest to the farthest away from them. 

Baxta’s four-tiered business pricing approach ranges from a basic free listing to a premium option that gives businesses more visibility and higher search rankings, click-to-call, special offers and the opportunity to interact with our community.

About The Company

Launched in August 2020, Baxta is a social networking platform and app that connects and supports Australia’s fast-growing generation of pet owners and pets with each other, including pet-friendly businesses and communities that serve all animals.

The opportunity

In Australia, 69% of households own a pet, a total of 29 million pets. Almost 50% own at least one dog, and 30% own a cat (Animal Medicines Australia survey). Households are estimated to spent more than $12.2 billion on pet products and services last year, up 42 per cent since 2013.

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