Dr Mark’s Hygenie’s interview with CRIISP Media

Dr Mark’s HyGenie is a global consumer healthcare company in the oral hygiene space. The company offers an innovative range of easy-to-use oral hygiene products, purpose-designed to improve the world-wide standard of home and institutional care of Dentures, Sports Mouthguards and nearly all other types of Removable Dental Appliances.  

Stephen Plakotaris, CEO and Managing Director of Dr Mark’s Hygenie, sat down with CRIISP Media Managing Editor Sidney Macdessi to talk about the company’s milestones and current market status.

The company has smartly utilised previous seed, start-up and grant capital raised (AU $3m) to develop its breakthrough care concept. It now distributes B2B, B2C and D2C in 12 countries. Reducing the physical, emotional and financial costs of dental appliance-related oral disease is the standout mission for Dr Mark’s Hygenie. To realise its mission, the company is now in a US $2m seed round to scale up the business for entry into the US market and drive mass adoption.

Watch the entire interview here: https://youtu.be/PVafFK5V5VI

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