FinTech’s Odyssey and ChoreScout platforms published as certified solutions on TCS Bancs marketplace

I am delighted to announce that Odyssey and ChoreScout were both published on the TCS Bancs marketplace as certified solutions over night adding to our distribution already in place with Temenos.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the worlds largest  IT consultancy firms with over 500,000 employees and $25bn in annual revenues. TCS’s Bancs is the firms banking, payments , insurance and wealth platform used by hundreds of financial service providers around the world.

Moroku’s go to market has two legs: 

  • Direct based on our social media network of over 10,000 decision makers
  • Indirect through Core Banking Providers

We are working with TCS on a client pursuit in Europe in the Life Insurance and Pensions market where Odyssey is being positioned as a key enabler in engaging consumers around the retirement. 

This is off the back of a strong week where we also signed an agreement to conduct a strategic digital roadmap analysis and design for an Australian Credit Union premised on Odyssey.

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Moroku’s vision is of a world where everyone is being great with their money. To do that, financial services needs to be fun and social. When service is this way, people pay attention, get curious, overcome challenges, grow skills, and go on a journey of mastery.
Characterised by games and social, customer engagement, of all ages and backgrounds, is being redefined. Customers want to have fun, take on challenges, be recognised and share. Moroku’s platform and processes create engaging financial services experiences for banks and wealth providers that empower customers and help them compete. It does this with its proprietary GameSystem methodology that maps the customer journey towards mastery and an innovative, cloud based, application engagement platform that drives the user experience, getting users to pay attention, build financial muscle and act.
The company makes money by integrating its cloud platform into the digital fabric of financial service providers’ technology and charging for that on a monthly user subscription basis. Go to market is a blend of direct and indirect with a growing number of large fintech’s embedding Moroku into their solutions for scale.

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