The CEO of ForgetSPECS Darrell Edwards is excited to announce the approval of the Australian Patent Application in the National Phase of International Application No.PCT/AU2018/000220. This paves the way for International patent applications already in progress in 33 countries across the globe

This is a significant milestone proving that ForgetSpecs is novel, truly innovative and a unique solution to a growing global problem of eye disease.

Significantly, the dating to 2018 protects our designs and innovation priority. 

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Continued random testing has shown positive vision correction. The 5th generation prototypes are currently being produced in SE Asia.

ForgetSPECS is an innovative solution that enables people to use their smart devices – anywhere, anytime, without glasses. Our technology covers prescriptions from -3.5 to +3.5, (one screen suits all prescriptions within the range) just match the screen protector with your device make and model, align the lens and you will be able to see clearly. Using nanoimprint lithography, we have embedded over 3,000,000 tiny lenses into a film that changes the vergence of light emitted from the device. This adjusts the visual output to correct your eyesight. ForgetSPECS technology transforms a screen protector into a prescription lens, essentially making your glasses a part of your smart device.

The potential market size – the global spectacle lens market is expected to reach US$61.1B by 2026. The Global screen protector market is expected to reach US$76.64B by the end of 2028, with little differentiation.

The applications for ForgetSpecs technology are endless (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, Watches, sports devices, vehicle navigation screens etc.)

The company is seeking investors and/or partners to accelerate commercialization.


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