Google Tech Partner with Clients Macquarie, Westpac, Woolworths | 45% Forecasted Growth in Revenue 2020-22

“Market is overburdened with an increasing amount of the complex tech business solutions, manual processes, slow go-to-market and lack of local expertise that can be trusted. With tech expertise and know-how Fastlane are taking these challenges off the table releasing space for organisational purposes. We have evolved since 2012 and gained momentum in recent years indeed proving the business model. Fastlane maintains the highest standard of trust with blue-chip and government clients and is bringing these capabilities to the members of the private equity ecosystem in the most uncertain times”

Den Burykin, Managing Partner, Fastlane Solutions

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Executive Summary

Fastlane is an Australian advisory firm and technology partner of Google Australia as well as service partners to both blue-chip and government clientele. They are delivering complex technology initiatives like GRC (governance risk and compliance), as well as cloud and AI-based products/platforms. With unique insights and a process with a proven track record, Fastlane develops a unique combination of profound tech serving an organisational purpose.

Investment Highlights

Blue-chip Clients

  • Fastlane holds an established portfolio of work with groups such as Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Cuscal, Woolworths, Nuix as well as federal and state governments.


  • Fastlane is on track for stable growth in annual revenue by at least 45%pa through 2020-22 amplified by its RegTech SaaS offering.

  • Fastlane is offering the benefits of stable ROIs from its established and growing professional services and multiple-% IRR potential through its products offering launch, with an additional value from doors opened into relationships across the Private Equity, Startup and Tech industries, paying dividends on the way.

  • Customer retention demonstrated so far is X4 compared to the average benchmarks.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Partnerships include Google, Nuix, Rancher/Suse, CHEF and others which will contribute to bringing their SaaS product to the market via accelerated revenues.

Investment Offering

Fastlane is looking for strategic investors above all. For business advisors, members of larger advisory/consulting firms, members of the professional services industry, gatekeepers and those who understand the complementary benefits of having a technology partner for their channels/ clients/ businesses Fastlane can be viewed as an investment opportunity with multiple ROI streams and are interested in talking further.

Fastlane is seeking $2M for 25% equity at a valuation of appr. $8,500,000, post-money.

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