Greentech Launch: Plazrok® – a solution to the world’s plastic pollution

FOXI Capital is raising for Plazrok® in Australia, to manufacture a sustainable concrete product from waste plastic. Addressing two of our biggest environmental challenges with one product — Plazrok® is a solution to the earth’s overwhelming plastic pollution problem while giving concrete manufacturers an eco-friendly alternative to standard aggregate. 

Plazrok® is a proprietary lightweight composite aggregate generated using co-mingled plastic waste for use in construction and other purposes and is manufactured using thermo-mechanical extrusion technology to create an aggregate that is one-fifth the weight of traditional stone aggregate. According to the World Wildlife Fund Australia, 130 kilograms of plastic are used per person each year of which less than 12 percent of that is recycled and 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into waterways and the ocean annually. Increasing the use of waste-derived plastics in concrete will reduce these negative environmental consequences. 

For a minimum investment of $20,000, the investor gets Plazrok® units which earn a 12% net fixed interest p.a. paid annually in advance, and equity units which earn pro rata dividends equivalent to 15% of the Fund’s shareholding in Plazrok®.

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