Health Food Symmetry Ltd (‘HFS’) is fast becoming a global player in the health and wellness markets with an emphasis on gut health.

HFS has a fully funded manufacturing plant and researched patented products. HFS is moving into its marketing phase and requires funding to expand its global reach.

HFS is the only global manufacturer of Kfibre directed at the health and wellness markets, in particular gut health. Web page: 

National and Global networks being expanded for sales and distribution. 

Market size $534B (Source: Euromonitor 2018) combined acid reflux, weight loss, gut health, constipation markets. 

Affiliation marketing is one of 5 routes to markets for HFS which also includes:

  1. Distribution model-4 distributers 440 stores 
  2. Direct sales to stores-120 stores
  3. Web sales-Global
  4. Ingredient sales

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HFS has five affiliation programs. This has been planned to coincide with the launch of three new HFS prebiotic / probiotic gut health products launched 20th May 2022 Brochure Download

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products.

Marisa Peer

  1. Marisa Peer is a worlds renown therapist with 2,000,000 followers across her social media platform, she is both a user and endorser of Kfibre. Refer –
  2. Marisa Peer has 2000 students a year through her therapy courses. She is working with HFS to affiliate Kfibre gut health products to her 13,000 plus active practitioners. 
  3. Marissa’s Company has forwarded Kfibre gut health products to 30 of Marisa’s practitioners for testimonials and feedback for onboarding off the 13,000 practitioners into the HFS affiliation program.

IBS symptom relief 

  1. FODMAP Affiliation by Joanna Baker currently has two US affiliates FODMAP every day and FODMAP US.
  2. HFS is working with Monash University IBS team and HFS new products are IBS/FODMAP accredited with Monash.

Affiliation companies

  1. HFS has been signed up by ‘ShareASale’, the largest Affiliation company in the US
  2. We have engaged with ‘Advertise Purple’ to run this program
  3. Below is an snippet of an affiliation sale through ‘ShareASale’ and ‘Advertise Purple’ since the new product launch 

HFS affiliation program: HFS website for clinicians and clinics

  1. Affiliation programs are global with renumeration only when there has been a sale, commissions are paid at the back of the HFS website through PayPal.
  2. ‘ShareASale’ pays the affiliates commission.

About The Company

Health Food Symmetry Pty Ltd (HFS) was incorporated to acquire the assets of KFSU Ltd (Receiver Manager Appointed) as a going concern at a considerable discount to the capital amount expended to date and its previous Pre-IPO valuation.

KFSU produces Kfibre™ a university researched and proven gut and Microbiome support product selling into the fastest growing global wellness markets “Gut/bowel Health and Microbiome support”
HFS/KFSU has a unique product 20% / month sales increases, established distributors, and an emerging global footprint with a high compounding % of repeat customers.

HFS is expected to reach break-even September 2020

Distribution Agreement with Nutrifoods Ltd finalised for Canadian market, first product sent.
Go-Vita health stores as of July 2020 are distributors of Kfibre 140 brand name stores and 150 independent stores.

10 months of inventory on hand.
HFS is Debt free with cash in bank.
HFS has engaged with established distributors for white label opportunities (Kfibre wholesale).

Print magazine marketing campaign 7 magazines including Readers Digest, Women’s Health and Australian Healthy foods 2 million readership total in August.

Print campaign booked to May-June 2021

Expanded consumer awareness of health and wellness products due to current pandemic.

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