HealthTech with new products launched, additional contracted distributors, and a supply agreement with Tismor

Health Food Symmetry Ltd (HFS) has taken its highly sought after Kfibre Brand to a new level.  Not only has HFS changed the packaging of the original product to better suit consumer preferences, HFS has also leveraged the clinical research and science that supports this ingredient into smaller targeted claims, enabling HFS to launch 2 new Gut Health products in May 2022.

Scientifically formulated, the new Kfibre-Pro offers the consumer a targeted natural solution to specific aliments with flavours for taste and convenience. 

Kfibre Original 100gm has established an excellent following by the public, currently on sale in over 450 Health Food stores and Pharmacies and enjoys a clinicians supporter base recommending its use on a daily basis.

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In conjunction with the new product launch, presentations for acceptance into 2 new Pharmacy chains have arisen, one has 486 stores the other has 120 stores. These new initiatives are starting in July 2022 and August 2022 respectively.

With 3 new products entering the marketplace and another 4 products in the pipeline, HFS contracted 3 additional distributors in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.                                                                                                                       

In June 2022, HFS launched an affiliate program which to date has 12 major participants and is showing growth in web sales.

Current shortages, logistic issues, and rapidly increasing pricing for psyllium husk has opened a major opportunity for Kfibre as a replacement, including a recently signed supply agreement with Tismor, a major Australian health and wellness blending company with global reach. Engagement from Tismor is high as Kfibre is perceived as a significant market disruptor.

For additional information, visit Health Food Symmetry’s profile on CRIISP.

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