Media release: Vloggi secures ex-Atlassian as investor, 212% revenue growth, hits project milestone

New strategic investor commits to Vloggi’s scale-up plan as video submission platform records record 3-month revenue growth and project milestone

  • Launched in 2021, Vloggi saw 212% revenue growth February through April 2022
  • Ex-Atlassian, two-time founder and angel investor backs scale-up plan
  • Over 850 active customers and 1000 live collaborative video projects as of mid-May

Video submission and crowdsourcing platform Vloggi has secured a new strategic angel investor for its scale-up phase as the user-generated tool records record revenue growth in the three months to April.

Sascha-Manuel Reuter, founder of file transcoding platform Doctape, has committed to a significant investment in the platform, which he says can solve the video content sourcing and management for millions of companies. Doctape was sold to Atlassian in 2014 and is now integrated into all of the software giant’s suite of products. Manuel-Reuter has gone on to found two more successful start-ups and is an active angel investor in the Australian ecosystem.

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“What I see in Vloggi is a horizontal tool that solves a lot of paint points around the storage, cataloguing, transcoding and formatting of video at massive scale,” says Reuter.

Reuter joins a private investor from Melbourne as significant investors in the company’s current seed round.

Revenue growth and usage milestone

The investment news comes on the back of a record revenue growth for Vloggi, which recorded a 212% increase in turnover over the three months to April 2022. The collaborative video platform also recorded another milestone, with the 1000th video collection project going live in mid-May.

The self-service version of the platform went live in April 2021, but onboarding flows were added in early 2022 to enhance the customer experience. The company says the workflow now allows customers to create their own projects and start collecting videos with no interaction with the customer success team at Vloggi.

The 1000th project was a public awareness campaign successfully executed by a leading UK children’s charity. Over 20% of paying customers on the Vloggi platform originate in the UK, while the platform’s largest market remains the US, accounting for over 35% of all paying customers.

Justin Wastnage, founder of Vloggi said of the milestone: “Early this year we switched on our self-service onboarding flow. We saw an increase in conversions and many more campaigns launched on the platform. We also deployed tens of pages of tutorials, which also greatly reduce the need for our customer success team to assist customers in setting up and executing crowdsourced video campaigns”.

The platform is recording strong growth in customer numbers, which were up 325% in the three months to April.

All video projects launched on the Vloggi platform are private. This suits charities, advocacy organisations and others for whom social media is too public.

US leads new customer sign-ups for Vloggi

Customer data is also private, but recent sign-ups recorded by the platform include

  • A major US music star
  • A US-based superyacht company
  • A national Australian supermarket chain
  • A South American community organisation
  • A major UK autism charity
  • A french boutique tea retailer
  • An Australian national pharmaceutical chain

“What the pattern of new customers shows us is that collecting video submissions at scale is a pain for all types of businesses. When we speak to customers, their pain point of setting up cloud storage folders, reformatting, tagging, formatting editing together submissions all come out strongly. On top of this, collecting legal consent forms is a must for any external marketing use of customer videos. When they see our platform does it all, they are visibly relieved,” said Wastnage.

“We spent a lot of time getting the marketing right to attract customers with that pain. Now I’m happy to see our onboarding flow converts over 16% of visitors to our website and most of these go straight onto paid plans, rather than the free version,” added Wastnage.

The company is currently completing a A$1 million seed round, proceeds of which will go to further improving the user onboarding, boosting sales and marketing and introducing more automation into the content management system behind the platform.

About Vloggi

Founded in late 2018 by Justin Wastnage, Sydney tech startup Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups. Vloggi is the ultimate video collection, making it easy to collect videos from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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