Monarc Global announces international collaboration with ADS

Partnership Announcements

Since launching our Partnership and Alliance program last year, we have strategically entered into partnerships with companies that align with our customer success mission and use of our in-house Travech technology.

We were pleased to announce in April our partnership with MTA (Mobile Travel Agents) and this week our international collaboration with ADS (Aviation Data Solutions).

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MTA x Monarc Global

MTA are made up of a team of over 460 mobile travel agents servicing leisure and corporate travel and together with MTA’s global footprint and network of travel agents and their vast experience with getting people to destinations and Monarc Global’s real-time automated pricing software Travech, the business of aviation and corporate and leisure travel just got faster, smarter and better.

MTA advisors will have on-demand access to Monarc Global’s GDS software Travech to give them a faster, more innovative and automated way to do pricing and booking for chartered aircraft in real-time. The software will enable MTA advisors to provide an accurate quote within minutes and instant booking for charter flights, avoiding the need for multiple emails or calls back and forth.

MTA CEO Don Beattie said “ we are delighted and excited to partner with such an innovative and forward thinking group such as the guys from  Monarc. The  platform delivers us a unique ability to work with the charter flight industry in real time to provide our MTA Advisors and their customers access to greater flight options.”

ADS x Monarc Global

Our more recent partnership announcement with ADS ( Aviation Data Solutions ); the aviation industry’s go-to for sourcing the most accurate airport and handling agent costs in the UK, Europe, and soon worldwide, will see both company’s products and services deliver real-time, accurate and instantaneous airport calculations and pricing for aircraft operators, owners and the travel services industry.

ADS has an impressive list of over 800 services, 1400 unique service calculation methods and over 900 aircraft types, variants and engine combinations modeled with all certified business aviation types covered. Their map of pricing coverage is an ever expanding and updating network of airports and handling agent brands, some notable examples include: United Aviation, Omni handling, Argos VPH and many more.

“This partnership with Monarc Global is a fantastic landmark for ADS and the way forward to bringing simplicity and transparency into the complex world of charter booking and sales.” 

“At ADS, we are all about quality and accuracy to the highest standard. We believe that working together with Monarc Global, who closely echo our own business values, will elevate our combined services to a whole new level,” said Adrian Parsons, Managing Director of ADS.

Next month, our team will come together with representatives from ADS for the new partnership at the EBACE ( European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition ) 2022.

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