BMY Group

BMY Group

Founded in 2009, BMY Group is dedicated to providing first-class financial and investment news, information and analysis to local and overseas Chinese investors for Australian markets!

BMY Group now offers business and finance news and analysis across multiple platforms with multimedia content, wealth management and corporate advisory services to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), institutional investors and enterprises through its subsidiaries: BMYG Media and BMYG Capital.

Wealth Management

BMY Group offers Chinese investors the access to a full range of investment opportunities in Australia, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Pre-IPO deals, securities, managed funds, private equity deals, stressed assets and more.

Multimedia Content on Multiple Platforms

From online to offline, BMYG Media offers the best financial and investment information platforms in Australia for Chinese investors. It is also the top choice for any corporation seeking to promote itself to HNWIs within the Chinese community both onshore and offshore.

Corporate Advisory

BMYG Capital advises institutional Chinese investors and corporation on multi-asset Australian Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) and Initial Public Offering (IPOs).