Proven Fintech Kicks Off Its “$5m Series A” Funding Round

Ventures International Group is pleased to announce the new funding round for its proven, rapidly scaling Singapore Fintech client company – Right Choice Capital Group.

The fundraising round commenced on 1 June, with immediate investor commitments of $500K in the first few days.

Right Choice Capital Group is exceptional among Fintech investments

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It is a proven and fully-licensed fintech – diversified financial services group with a successful 6-year business track record in the Philippines and Singapore. It has multiple business units, each with its own revenue stream: Lending, Banking, Remittances, and Merchant Acquisition. 

Right Choice Capital is an impact investment – as the company provides a broad range of financial services to underbanked SMEs and Consumers, in the massive and underserved Philippines market which is enjoying healthy economic growth. 

The company has strong investor appeal especially for Private Investors and Family Offices, with more than $17M already invested (Debt & Equity funding) from private investors globally. 

The investment options available for the current funding round are: “Pure Income” Investment (Debt Funding with high-yield, immediate passive income, 10% – 19`% interest rates per annum, quarterly interest payments), and/or, “Equity with Income” Investment (Convertible Debt with 12% per annum interest rate, plus 25% equity conversion discount).

More investment info is available on the CRIISP Deal Platform for investors across Asia, Australia, the EU, the UK etc.

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