Stock market carnage. Rise of the algorithms. April 2022 Performance

We’ve all heard the story before. Carnage (in this case a stock market crash) and then the machines rise. The difference this time is that you can put those machines (our algorithms) to work for you.

Last month, the S&P 500, which is the index tracking the top 500 companies trading in the US (and our benchmark for Industrial Activity and Momentum algorithms), closed the month at -3.3% (in AUD terms).

Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world (and not our benchmark, but still interesting to note), closed the month at -8%.

Unhedged’s Industrial Activity and Momentum algorithms, on the other hand, pulled returns of +3.4% and -0.8% respectively for April. If you’re not yet financially savvy, that’s a big deal.

For a visual representation, here’s our Industrial Activity and Momentum algorithms compared to S&P 500’s performance over April:

And here, you can see our Sector Rotation algorithm’s performance compared to its benchmark, iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF (AOR), for the same time period:

Not to play a song on repeat (but to do just that), have you seen how our competitors in the app sphere did for April? Let’s just say, if you’re not yet in orbit, maybe it’s time to come over to the algorithmic side of investing.

Believe it or not, we’re not here to beat our own chests, but we do think the numerical evidence says a lot. You decide!

Investing with algorithms has the benefit of avoiding emotional bias and, even more importantly, investing around the clock. Our algorithms never sleep, so they’re able to make the best decision for your money, not only on the day, but in the moment.

The market might be underperforming, but Unhedged algorithms are performing as they should. Open the chat at the bottom right of your screen if you have questions, or just hit that button and get started!

Why wait? Algorithmic investing is the future.

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