XCEDA Capital has launched the Xceda Mortgage Income Fund

Xceda has recently launched the Xceda Mortgage Income Fund, which invests in short-term bridging mortgages over Australian residential and commercial property. The Fund has a target rate of return of up to 12% p.a., payable in regular monthly or quarterly distributions.

The Fund does not provide construction or development loans – it only provides loans against “As-Is” registered valuations over existing properties, i.e. not against future “As-If Complete” valuations.

The Fund is able to target Rates of Return over 10% p.a. given the short-term bridging nature of this type of mortgage lending, which attracts higher lending rates compared to longer-term residential mortgages.

With over 30 years of experience in funds management across the Xceda Capital Group entities, Xceda has a proven track record of identifying, structuring and managing mortgage loan transactions. 

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